Chapter 60

Beloit, Janesville and the WI/IL Stateline Area


From time to time, we will run across a good flying-related story.  We will post them here with links to the story which will open in a new window.  The story may then be read while on the website or downloaded to be read later.  If you come across such a story that you think others would find interesting reading, please submit it by attaching it to an e-mail to the webmaster.  An MSWord file works well for that, but .pdf files can be used (but not edited) as well.  Click here to submit.

Nadia Popova - Night Witch

Did you know that during WWII, women pilots conducted offensive bombing operations against the Nazis?  I didn't either, until Jim Beckman sent me this story about one such woman pilot.  Read her story (3 page MSWord .doc) by clicking HERE.


Sexy Beast - Things You Can Do With A T-33

  Looking for some time to kill while you learn a little about our amazing world of aircraft and all       things aviation?   Click HERE to read an interesting story about Boeing's SkyFox.

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